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High-Performing CEO In Danger of Burning Out Made The Changes He Needed In One Session



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I helped Andy, a high-performing CEO overcome burnout in just 1 session, when he was on the path from taking his company Vanarama (then valued at £65 million) to a position where he just sold it to autotrader.co.uk for a cool £200 million.

This is his post on LinkedIn, after he experienced one session:

"If you met your future self, would you be apologising or would they be thanking you?

Well, I met my future self and the affect was as dramatic as Scrooge meeting the ghost of Christmas yet to come.

I’ve mentioned previously how I have struggled to stick to my routine during lockdown.

Prior to Lockdown I was very disciplined. Up at 5, gym every day. Nutrition spot on, learning was planned in, no drinking on a school night, sleep could have been better but generally ok, everything important was scheduled and got done.

Like a lot of people Covid19 derailed me a bit, we’ve got loads of great work done, but I was so focused on that, that a lot of the other stuff went awry.

Before I knew it, I was feeling very jaded and in danger of burnout. I knew I had to take action or I’d have to make sacrifices later.

So I booked a session with Enda Quealy who I met via this platform and booked a zoom call with him.

During our time, he introduced me to two versions of my future self. The one where I didn’t make the changes I needed to make and the one where I did.

It was a powerful session and the impact was instant.

I woke up the next morning knowing I wasn’t going to make the wrong kind of sacrifice and I wasn’t going to apologise to anyone, and definitely not to my future self."

Ad Agency Owner Increased His Revenue By 30% in 1 Week Without Doing Anything Different In His Business



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Luke, CEO of The Agency Engineer, manages over $300k of monthly ad spend. He reported an instant revenue bump of 30% after his initial session.

It was mind-boggling for him because although he hadn’t made any changes to organic marketing tactics, he immediately started receiving inbound inquiries from high-level clients seeking his help.

The weekly increases in revenue continued over the 4 weeks we continued to work together, with a sense of peace, clarity of vision and self-confidence he had never experienced before.

Here's his LinkedIn recommendation:

“My names Luke Ward, I run an agency that helps 12+ 7-Figure digital marketing acquire new customers with paid ads.

I decided to reach out to Enda through a recommendation from one of my clients. I saw massive change within a very short period of time with this client, he went from closing 1 deal or so every 2 weeks to closing 2-3 deals per week.

I knew that whatever it is Enda had worked on with this client of mine I needed to at least have a conversation with Enda.

Fast forward a little and I decided to start working with Enda. I wasn't sure what to expect so I just approached everything with an open mind.

After my first session I felt a level of inner peace, and confidence I can't say I've felt before. I had so much clarity around my vision and so much self confidence/belief.

Week over week as I continued having sessions with Enda I started to notice a pattern. Every week or so my income would just skyrocket. I was also signing clients left and right.

I'm still baffled as to how it all worked out that way, but whatever it is Enda has done has been allowing myself to work wondering in my life.

Bottom line. I think we all create barriers in our lives that don't need to be there and hold us from our goals.

If you're ready to break down those barriers and unlock who you're actually capable of being - Enda is the man.

Thanks for everything you've done!”

Performance-Blocked CEO Brought Back Into Alignment Experienced a 20-30x on his investment after one month



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Lawrence's mind, body, and energy were out of alignment and his life and business were suffering.

He experienced a massively positive shift after Session 1 and soon after this, his business completely transformed. Midas Touch restored!

“After my first session, I straight away started seeing the changes in my life and businesses…

… The amount of inbound calls coming in for our businesses is just unbelievable. It's just mind-blowing.

For things to turn around so quickly, is definitely down to Enda. Because he reset my mind, my spirit and my soul. And I'm convinced of that.

… my return on investment is probably 20x or 30x the amount of money I invested in his program.” (statement taken after one month)

Lawrence's videos: old and more recent

Sales-Adverse CEO Who Overcame His Fear Of Sales Calls And Then Sold $5m Of Property in 3 Months



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Peter is the CEO of Rose Ave. Media, a Facebook advertising agency in the real estate niche. He was in a tricky situation before we worked together - he had a lot of self-sabotage issues, poor self-worth and a lot of insecurity in business.

Every time it came to a sales call, he would freeze in anticipation and hope his prospective client wouldn't show. He found himself completely stuck when it came to his personal and professional life. He literally feared getting on the phone with his ideal potential clients!

After working with me, his life and business totally changed. We conquered every single one of the issues he presented with, and many more he didn't even know were holding him back. He literally BROKE THROUGH all that he feared and a few months later, he became a realtor and sold $5 million of personal volume in 3 months.

That’s pretty amazing for someone who was shying away from sales when we met!

“I had a lot of self-sabotage issues, poor self-worth and a lot of insecurity in business because of this.

I found myself completely STUCK when it came to my personal and professional life.

I literally FEARED getting on the phone with my ideal potential clients!

Enda and I have been able to conquer every single one of the issues I presented with, and many I didn't even know were holding me back.”

Peter’s video from a couple of weeks after we worked together

A/V Tech Turned Copywriter Experienced A Multitude of Positive Changes He'd Been Seeking For Over A Decade, That Enabled Him To Become Much More Present In His Life And Business



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Maybe you’ve tried many things, yet the self-sabotage continues.

What I do is different.

But don’t just take my word for it...

Tom had this to say about working with me:

"From the outside, my life looked amazing.

Yet the reality was very different...

It was a daily battle for me to deal with the challenges going on within my mind.

Even when I achieved something amazing, whether that be in my business or personally... I'd still find a way to self-sabotage.

That could be with binge drinking or over-eating. Something was just incomplete within my mind and my soul.

To be honest, I was completely at my wit's end with it all.

I couldn't see a way out of the vicious cycle. I guess I'd just accepted this was the way it was.

I mean, I had tried all the usual self-help methods, and yes, they worked for a while, but I'd fall back into the usual habits.

Then I met Enda and discovered his program, and honestly, everything changed.

I guess I'd always seen myself as not being enough.

Working with Enda, we delved deep into my subconscious and directly challenged the beliefs and subconscious thought processes that were holding me back.

It's hard for me to lay out every specific change, as a lot of the significant positive changes in my life have happened almost on auto-pilot, since working with Enda.

No longer do I feel like I'm not enough - I'm now far more accepting of who I actually am.

I'm showing up as a way better Dad to my kids - No longer am I preoccupied fighting a losing battle in my head, worrying about things that do not matter.

My business is going from strength to strength because I'm not overthinking every decision, or getting caught up in procrastination (which used to be a huge problem for me)

So how does Enda achieve all of this?

Well not only is he truly amazing at his craft, but he's also a thoroughly good person who loves to witness the change in his clients.

He's polite, courteous, and easy to get along with.

He makes you feel in no doubt that it's all going to change, and it actually does.

Those habits that you find yourself gravitating back to, literally start to dissolve.

Enda, I can't thank you enough.

I recommend Enda and his work to anyone who needs this."

Business Owner / Football Coach Noticed Increased Confidence And Assertiveness After Just One Session, Despite The Loss Of A Dear Family Member & The Processing Of Difficult Emotions



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Sometimes, we just don't know what might be holding us back. Everything's going well... But it could always be better, as Tim found out.

"I’ve actually noticed some changes just recently, I found I was “on a roll” during our last Croissants & Coffee call on Friday.

But mainly, and I probably didn’t mention this to you, I’m a Football Coach and have been for many years. So I take training sessions and deliver tactical talks prior to matches, along with my friend we moved up a level last season and so I’m now coaching higher-level players including one that was a professional football in his younger days. I had a few self-doubts about whether I could get my message across properly.

Last month my Dad sadly passed away, so I have been dealing with the emotions of this and supporting my Mum and Sister, long story short, my colleague at football mentioned to me how the past few weeks must have been the hardest weeks of my life, yet the training sessions I have delivered have been “golden” (his words not mine) – but I must admit I have noticed an increased confidence and assertiveness with the players and they have reacted accordingly – I can only put this down to my session with you Enda,

Thank you, Tim"

High-Performing Entrepreneur Struggling with Major Addictions to Cocaine, Alcohol And Many Other Behaviours Quit All His Vices Within 8 Weeks



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This entrepreneur’s hidden and perceived childhood traumas had resulted in a myriad of addictive behaviours: cocaine, alcohol, weed, cigarettes, gambling, retail, sex addiction, toxic relationships, food addiction, overspending, every addiction you could think of…

Once he released the underlying traumas, the associated addictions simply fell away. He had an opportunity to build any kind of life he desired and changed his daily habits, left the toxic relationship he was in, vastly improved family relationships, completely switched up his career and basically, enhanced his entire life and living.

From: “When I first came to see you Enda, I was in disarray, and had probably attributed that sort of emotional, spiritual, mental, somewhat physical, disarray. I was really struggling with addictions, specifically cocaine. I was hooked on it, if it wasn't a daily thing, it was every second day. And then it was a case of getting another bag and then getting another one and another one and another one... And I was doing it on the sly as well, confident that nobody would notice.”

To: “Every vice that I had, every problem, I realised I've actually dealt with - I let go of the toxic relationship I was in, my family relationships have improved. I’ve been able to change up my career. I now work on myself and meditate every day…”

Audio recording: (Anonymous, due to the discussion of illicit narcotics)

Music Industry Artist Released Decades Of Compounded Trauma Responses And The Addictions Used To 'Medicate' Them Within 3 Weeks



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The impact of childhood trauma was still affecting my ability to perform and function despite being engaged in many different therapies or modalities for the best part of 15 years. I used alcohol and substances problematically to attempt to mitigate the symptoms of PTSD and got “sober” in my late 20’s.

However, I turned back to using substances again a few years ago when therapy started to uncover some very painful truths. I wasn’t sure about how I felt about hypnosis, I feel like I was equal parts ignorant and skeptical. A part of me also believed that it would it would not work for ME, that I would somehow be resistant to it. This belief was quickly quashed after my first session with Enda.

I brought all my skepticism and doubt into the first session and despite this, found that I was quickly in a deep state. I found the first session very powerful but each of the sessions since have been progressively more so. Yet I am somehow still always surprised after some major shift has happened during a session.

I have experienced long-standing and deeply rooted issues simply dissolve in front of me during a session. I have gone into sessions thinking that I want to address (or control :) certain issues but found that the session guided me to a much deeper awareness and release.

I have also been surprised to discover that the sessions have helped with my meditation practice. I have held a consistent mediation practice for over 10 years. This practice was interrupted by my return to substance use but since returning to it, and coinciding with the start of my work with Enda, I have found that my approach to meditation is completely different.

I feel like the process has helped me to let go of self-limiting concepts and ideas (without me being consciously aware of this process) that have helped me along the road to experiencing my true nature. It seemed as if the hypnosis was helping my meditation practice which then deepened the hypnosis sessions and so on.

While it definitely helps, I don’t feel like meditation is necessary to experience the benefits of the clearing and reprogramming that can happen as a result of hypnosis. For instance, I would consider myself to be very high functioning externally but very poorly functioning inwardly. Meaning that life was exhausting. I carried around a tonne of concepts, beliefs and defences that literally weighed me down.

And it was getting harder and harder to keep the show on the road. I really didn’t have the energy to turn up to life, preferring to go into avoidance instead. What I have noticed since starting the hypnosis practice with Enda is that I am operating from a totally different perspective…...? …...mindset? …..consciousness?

I am not sure of the word I want to use, but I have a lot of clarity. Because I don’t feel like I have the cloud of concepts and complexes vying for my attention, I feel free to get on and do the things that are life-affirming for me.

Decisions are easier and a new spontaneity is able to come through - enhancing my ability to creatively engage with life.

Productivity and procrastination have always been a source of internal chaos for me. Now I feel like I am more laser focused in what I want to achieve and I have less of the story about why I can’t do it. I am able to be patient with myself when my humanness comes through.

As a result, I feel like I am so much more able to engage with life in a highly effective way whilst simultaneously being deeply connected to that thing that is beyond my ability to perform. Boom!

"This gave me a greater understanding of who I am. It gave me purpose, drive & insight."



"Not only did I stop smoking, Enda really helped me to unravel bits in my psyche for which I doubt I would have ever seen or tackled."



"I was always curious about hypnosis, to see what it would reveal and relieve me of. I decided to see Enda, and had a great experience. His approach is highly thoughtful, intelligent, and gentle. I'd highly recommend him!"



"A 1-2-1 with Enda online helped me out in a myriad of subtle ways, bubbling up to contribute towards the overall positive change I am working on."



"Working with Enda has brought enormous change in my interactions with others.

A lifelong worrier, I have become so much more calm and confident when dealing with difficult situations involving other people and their actions that affect me personally.

I have always avoided confrontation out of fear and Enda has helped me find my voice and speak out regarding intimate, personal and career issues.

I highly recommend Enda. Thank you!"



"I have never achieved the sort of mental state that I have now, and I had spent a long time and a lot of money trying."




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