Gift Of Self-Healing

Experience the audio with 59,000+ listens and 1600+ 5-star reviews (overall rating of 4.9/5)!

This free audio helps you release unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and emotions and even resolve physical pain.

Stream it below or better still, download it to ensure smooth playback and get ready for the self-healing power of the subconscious mind.

G.O.S.H. is ideal for bedtime as it promotes an excellent night's sleep, but it can be listened to anytime you'd like to:

- Release unhelpful emotions
- Self-heal
- Refresh the mind and body.

This Gift Of Self-Healing will guide you into a deeply relaxed state so your subconscious mind can make profoundly positive changes at the very deepest levels.

Enjoy your 47-minutes of pure relaxation...


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