I am passionate about helping high-level executives, creatives and business professionals release the subconscious ‘junk’ that’s keeping them stuck so they can step into productivity, creativity, mental well-being, improved finances, and better health.

It saddens me to see professionals who have risen to great heights in their careers who are exhausting themselves, wasting too much precious time, energy, and money in an attempt to feel better.

If only they harnessed the power of the subconscious mind.

I can relate to my clients in many ways because for years, I might have appeared successful in the music industry, but the reality was that I was in constant inner turmoil.

What I didn’t realize during those difficult years, was the heavy weight of past trauma was ruining my life. I actually stopped breathing when I was first born due to my birth mothers’ chaotic pregnancy. She gave me up for adoption and I spent the first month of my life at a 'mother and baby home' where I was fed but not nurtured. And while I was adopted into a wonderful family, those formative early moments weighed me down.

The first few decades of my life were spent in depression, anxiety, fear, and pain. I spent years self-medicating with alcohol, and later other addictions like retail and classic BMWs trying to cope.

A single hypnosis track would change my entire life.

In just 60 minutes during that hypnosis, I took off the metaphorical “backpack of rocks” I had been dragging around for my entire life. It was astounding and quite honestly unbelievable.

Now, I am passionate about helping others dissolve the blocks keeping them stuck.

I have completed thousands of training hours with the top 1% of hypnotists, consciousness facilitators, energy healers and coaches.

Through my work, I tapped into my own brilliant gifts to develop The Performance Switch which helps high-level executives, creatives, and business leaders shed the subconscious junk and step into clarity, direction, confidence, improved finances, and more.

It’s a powerful process that leaves you with an expansive sense of peace.

Enda Quealy, D. CMT, D. SM

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